Carolyn Bennett
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"Carolyn Ann Bennett", Queen's Privy Council for Canada/PC, Member of Parliament/MP is the Member of Parliament for the riding of St. Paul's (electoral district)/St. Paul's, a constituency located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She is a member of the Liberal Party of Canada, and was formerly a candidate for its Liberal Party of Canada leadership election, 2006/leadership.

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It was 200 Eeyores in the room, going 'No one cares. No one listens. What are we going to do?' .

We need to do everything we can to help in those families with parenting skills, with community support.

We feel that even though these are alarming in terms of an increase. I think the researchers believe it's an epidemic of reporting, and that's a good thing.

We have to rebuild our party from the bottom up.

It's taken us 16 years, but we got there. It feels very, very fabulous.

What we're worried about is the quality. Our concern is that so many of those people, because there is no availability of the quality spaces . . . are having to take their second, third or fourth choice, where they can't really be sure that a quality experience is being offered to their children and therefore they're worrying.

They're obviously pretty committed to getting the $1,200 out the door.

It worries me that people think having it should make them feel better.