The last two years, even though she hasn't been surrounded by great talent, she has made that talent play better each night out.

With our defense, we were able to get the ball out in transition and run the floor, and that paid off for us. As the game went on, our conditioning came into play. When they're all working, it's great.

I think the best thing about Courtney is the way she has interacted with her team. Even being as successful individually as she has been, she has never gotten a large ego, and she has always tried to work for the success of the team.

Somebody will get a gem.

Tonight, she played the kind of game I expected her to have. We were trying to take away the inside, and she kept them in the game with her outside shooting. She's that kind of player. I really respect her.

She has chosen to concentrate on basketball, and she has given it 110 percent of her interest, effort and intensity 24/7, and that's really what has made her such a great player.