If I don't speak up, who else is going to get stabbed? ... They don't know their children are having to deal with criminal gang members in their 20s. What are these people doing stabbing teenagers?

I tried walking away, ... I was telling them I didn't want any trouble.

There have been important changes in the telecom industry in the last two years and it is not realistic to expect that a regulatory instrument signed two years ago include these changes, ... I am open to studying those measures that are necessary after the (Antimonopoly) Commission rules.

It's not just for kids. It's also for the adults.

I didn't feel anything, ... I didn't know until somebody told me my back was bleeding.

What are 16 and 17-year-old kids doing going to bars in Mexico? ... None of them should have been in that place. When I went back to the club, there was still blood in the parking lot.

He tried fighting back, but there were too many, ... A witness said there were six or seven people all hitting him at the same time.

They arrested the two guys who had blood on their clothes, ... But not the guy who did the stabbing because his clothes didn't have any.