"Carl Celian Icahn" is an American businessman, activist shareholder and investor. He is the majority shareholder of Icahn Enterprises, a diversified holding company.

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I have never covered a single share.

Not comment on whether I still have an interest in General Motors or whether I will buy or sell its shares.

Doing this AOL deal is on the way, but not enough, to enhancing shareholder value at Time Warner, ... It proves my point that there is a great deal of unrealized value here. The best investment the company can make is in their own stock at this time.

Their earnings are way down. It's time for management to go.

I think you would now agree that this would have achieved a far superior result for stockholders.

I think the company should be put up for sale now, ... is leaving the shareholders out on the brink if they [reject] this.

Is pretty much a sure thing.

A weak attempt to silence growing investor criticism.