This was a deep-seated fire because there is clothing, furniture and boxes stacked and packed away inside of the units. We had to pull everything out and spray it all off.

In a situation like that, time is of the essence. And any delay to that can put the patient in jeopardy. In this situation, the firefighters were also in jeopardy.

Nothing ruptured, but there was significant damage on the underside and side of the vehicle.

It is very dry and very windy and ash can easily come off of a cigarette. We need to be really careful.

A lot of this is projected. There is a concern, but it's being addressed.

The medic driving the truck reported seeing a flash, hearing a pop, and then the window shattering.

He was fulfilling his job obligation. He did the right thing. He got the patient to the hospital.

Whenever you have a large number of people in a building you want to make sure they can get out very quickly. So they need to know where the exits are and they need to know how to get to them.

She gave her mother the best possible chance of survival. For her actions, the entire community should be proud of her.