If we had lost today we would have definitely been out because they would have been 10 points ahead of us but we are still in it based on today's result.

We have already been relegated so we were giving the Under-21 players Premier League experience.

Disappointed yes, but we have not been training, so I knew we couldn't get more than 45 minutes out of the players... at this level you have to have the condition to last.

Well from what they've shown (last Sunday) and from what they've shown against Seba, they definitely can survive.

It is too early to comment on the club and its structure... but all I can say is that with their co-operation, my main aim is to save the club from relegation.

Not at this time, but we are giving ourselves another week or two and take it from there. I believe with the quality players that we have we will stay in the league.

I don't think I'm getting the commitment, dedication and the team work that we need to come out with... I don't think I'm getting that from those (senior) players.