Bud Black
FameRank: 8

"As player"

*Seattle Mariners ()

*Kansas City Royals (–)

*Cleveland Indians (–)

*Toronto Blue Jays ()

*San Francisco Giants (–)

*Cleveland Indians ()

"As manager"

*San Diego Padres (–present)


* World Series champion (, )

*Manager of the Year/NL Manager of the Year (2010)


"Harry Ralston "Bud" Black" (born June 30, 1957) is a former Major League Baseball left-handed pitcher and current manager (baseball)/manager of the San Diego Padres.

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So many good things happened this year that you have to be proud of these guys.

You can't speed up a pitcher. Bart has to get his arm ready and he has to be able to get his body ready, but I have total faith in [Dominican pitching coach] Billy Castro.

I don't think these guys lose confidence. You'll find very few major league players lose confidence. That's one of the reasons they got here, because they're very confident men.

The whole year he showed that poise and composure.

I think he's a confident guy. He just needs that mind-set that, 'I am capable of doing something special,' just that sheer determination. He's a great worker, a great teammate, has a great aptitude to take instruction.

It was great to see him step up and make pitches.

He was in the training room drinking Gatorade while everyone else was drinking champagne in the clubhouse.

If he makes all his starts, with his stuff, there's no reason why he can't win upwards of 15-to-20 games.

Any time you have a chance to sort of regroup, take a step back, then go at it again, it helps. Last year, everything happened so quickly. Every game was vitally important. Now we get a chance to exhale.