There's no way he's going out on that field. We want to make sure everything is OK.

I'm sure that the fact his dad played there had a bit to do with it. I'm just thinking he felt a little bit more comfortable there.

When I was a player here, the atmosphere was crazy. At that time, there were only two schools and they didn't like us and we didn't like them. There were pranks, pep rallies, so much going on in the community. But for the players, we didn't pay attention to that stuff. We let others worry about that.

The overall kicking game, kickoffs as well as punting, helped us out tremendously. To pin them back like we did gave the defense an opportunity to put more pressure on them.

Maurice does a great job on defense, staying on his assignment and coming up with the big play when we need it. He's got great speed and it's hard to catch up to him when he takes off like that.