"Bruce Jentleson" is a professor of Public Policy and Political Science at Duke University, where he served from 2000 to 2005 as Director of the Terry Sanford Institute of Public Policy.

Jentleson is a co-founder of the Bridging the Gap project, promoting greater policy relevance among academics. [http://www.american.edu/sis/btg/] From 2009-11 he was Senior Advisor to the U.S. State Department Policy Planning Director. In 2012 Jentleson served on the Obama 2012 campaign National Security Advisory Steering Committee. He also served as a senior foreign policy advisor to Vice President Al Gore in his 2000 presidential campaign, in the Clinton administration State Department (1993–94), and as a foreign policy aide to Senators Gore (1987–88) and Dave Durenberger (1978–79). He also has served on a number of policy commissions, most recently the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) Working Group co-chaired by Madeleine Albright (2011–13). Prior to coming to Duke, Jentleson was a professor at UC-Davis.

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Sharon had the personal credibility to take the next steps toward peace, similar to the way we talk about Nixon going to China. He was really one of the few people on the current Israeli scene with that level of credibility.

We're asking what kind of world the United States wants to inhabit in 2015, and what policies it should pursue now to promote that outcome.