Bruce Barber
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"Bruce Barber" is an artist, writer, curator, and educator based in Halifax Urban Area/Halifax, Nova Scotia, where he teaches at NSCAD University. His artwork has been shown at the Biennale de Paris/Paris Biennale, the Biennale of Sydney/Sydney Biennial, the New Museum of Contemporary Art, the Walter Phillips Gallery, London Regional Gallery, and ArtSpace Auckland. Barber is the editor of Essays on Performance and Cultural Politicization and of Conceptual Art: the NSCAD Connection 1967–1973. He is co-editor, with Serge Guilbaut and John O'Brian of Voices of Fire: Art Rage, Power, and the State. His critical essays have appeared in numerous anthologies, journals and magazines. His art practice is documented in the publication Reading Rooms. He is best known for his early performance work, his Reading Rooms, Squat Projects and his writing and theory on Littoral Art.

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That's a neighborhood, an area we might want to look at to see whether our child care services could, in fact, improve that.

The impact that these geese are having is substantial — not just on our lakes and ponds but on our ball fields, ... We have to figure out how to share with the geese rather than concede to them the whole town.

I get too nervous. I get too uptight. I get too antisocial.

There are people who bring garbage bags full of bread to the lake and just dump it, ... This is part of an overall management plan to essentially reclaim the town from the geese.