We're here (in San Antonio) for the rest of the year, but we don't know where the rest of the home games will be played. For now, we're trying to find apartments and gain some kind of familiarity and get our schedule set up day-by-day. It's a process. We're getting there. Next week, we'll be back to normal, except for our home games.

I can't wait for this opportunity, it cannot come quick enough.

A tax system is best if it can be kept as simple as it needs to be to satisfy all its various purposes. This means that it can be clearly understood and is most likely to meet various Government objectives and be straightforward for both individuals and businesses – our research shows that taxpayers are being swamped by a barrage of tax legislation.

We would love to fight Laila Ali. We offered her $500,000 dec 28th of last year when we met with Ya Ya Mclaine. We offered her 1/2 a million guarantee and 75% of the PPV revenue -- she turned the fight down. We still to this day do not know why they would turn down that kind of offer.

The university's confidence in the SSU to deliver student services such as clubs, weekly social activities and student advocacy has been undermined.

All this isn't bothering me as far as what is going on. I adjust pretty well. I grew up a military kid and being all over the place.

All the most vulnerable patients are those that are going to be deprived.

[Qatar's Anglican community, which has held services in an English-language school in Doha for decades, is estimated to number between 7,000 and 10,000 people.] Our church is like a microcosm of the Anglican community, ... I've got 28 nationalities from every continent.

This includes its ever-developing business in the provision of tracks, buckets and other spare parts for the machines.

Some of the (people) actually saw a three-foot shark swimming down I-10.

Our church is like a microcosm of the Anglican community. I've got 28 nationalities from every continent.

Compared to most people in New Orleans, what we're going through is minute. It's not so much of a nightmare for us. We all got out safe, moved somewhere else, and were taken care of. Not much compared to what most people have to deal with.

They claim it's loss of market share and I sort of indicated 'were they importing from China and South Africa' and they say 'not', there's just been a real downturn in their market and they've lost their share.

Shelly Finkle is their manager - the best manager in all of boxing - Shelly will make the decision when they are ready, ... He will let me know, then Russ and I will work to make the fight with Shelly. Anthony and Lamont are already fighting 10 rounders. I think they are both really strong, really skilled -- within 24 months they will be fighting for world titles.

Valerie is such a true warrior, ... she will not run from anybody. Valerie will stand there and make you fight, and that is what Ann wants. Both girls wanted the rubber match to complete the trilogy, so here we are.