Brian Tucker
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"Brian E. Tucker" is a seismologist specialising in disaster prevention.

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This is a send-off for districts and hopefully beyond that.

When they practice, our new kids are practicing with some of the best kids in the state of Ohio. Those people get on them and encourage them. It's a badge of honor to run in the front with a group like that.

We're always aiming at the league meet. That's the No. 1 thing.

There's a real dearth of trained engineers and scientists from Pakistan.

[Chairman Brian Tucker explained the organization was looking for a fun way to share what PEP does for the county.] This is a good way for us to get out in the community, ... We're making an effort to be sure everyone in North Augusta knows we're here.

It's been a matter of competing hard and trying to get better.

It will be an interesting challenge to try and find shows that are both artistically challenging to people who are familiar with fine art and at the same time exciting and interesting to people who may not be so familiar with [art].

We've got a chance to win, and [the girls] know that. We're very respectful of Jackson, because they're really good. We know we can give them a battle in Columbus.

[the exhibit] is a really valuable thing for students and other faculty to see. [It] reveals a lot about the faculty through their work.