We will see a good rally in the Canadian dollar if it is extremely bad and refineries get hit, because Canada is a major producer of oil.

It is to a point where (currency investors are wondering) what if it becomes extremely bad, how do we position ourselves?

It means that each of the 58 counties in California would see a significant reduction in the funds available for mass transit and in rural areas for streets and roads.

It's been a good, old-fashioned plonk. I've been taken aback by it because her form doesn't look anything flash. Then again, the money has come from some smart guys so you have to respect it.

They have all played very well and deserve to stay in on merit.

He never tried to be the boss, which is the sign of a good leader, ... He knew he had good people under him, and he would just let us do that.

Has always been the most logical place to build a rail line.

Custom House is excited about working with the PGA TOUR in all our markets internationally. The TOUR is integral to our global marketing strategy.

There's no one on earth who can give you an informed opinion, ... They have to get flashlights to crawl around and look at the stuff.

You can hang it from your rear view mirror and you get to park in the handicapped spaces.

He's really going to be missed.

One of the reasons we've been here for 15 years is we've never done business plans. We move by instinct and move very quickly.

There's just no textbook for this. Nobody's ever been through anything like this.