The 'Crue' is not the hardest band to cover. There are no harmonies like the Eagles.

That's what makes it fun, ... It gets your adrenaline going.

I know what the median age is here, and I'm certain I'm on the other side of that. But I'm still very comfortable riding at the top level. I just love to do it. I cannot imagine a life without horses.

This essentially turned out to be a private family matter, ... We'll have a conversation with the state's attorney, but I can't think of anything they would be charged with.

They run a lot of spread with the option and single back. On offense, it's all set up by their quarterback, and their line is fairly decent. They're a typical OCC team.

Anything they need us to do we'll be happy to do.

I think they're a good team. Our schedule is a straight OCC non-conference schedule, and I don't anticipate any of those three games being an easy game. We're just going to try to control the clock as best as we can.

We are pleased our partnership with Novell now extends to the support of Novell's powerful and popular GroupWise software. This is a great example of how our two companies are jointly advancing the capabilities of Linux across the enterprise.

BUILD magazine marries entertainment with philanthropy, creating an interesting and inspiring read for youth, ... The magazine will complement Sam Goody's core customer, teens and tweens.

Barring a US attack, it appears imminent that Iran's euro-dominated oil bourse will open in March, 2006, ... Logically, the most appropriate US strategy is compromise with the EU and OPEC towards a dual-currency system for international oil trades.

There is another Motley Crue band out of Connecticut. We're arch enemies.