This will be Alberta's premier destination resort.

Bartering is always a good way to preserve capital, enabling small companies to focus on growing their business.

We got out-coached tonight, we could not make adjustments, in the second half they came out flying and we did not respond to that.

He's been in these kinds of situations before; we were more worried about him wrestling technically correct more than anything. He wrestled really well and had good motion on his feet.

The supply almost matched demand in the fourth quarter of 2005, compared to a surfeit a year earlier.

We have to learn how to win, how to put teams away, and tonight we let them hang around and we were unable to turn the tide once they got it going.

Rising prices are a signal to consumers to use less of something that is becoming scarce.

He got banged in the head pretty bad midway in the second period, so he got kind of dizzy, but he came back really well. He's been in some pretty big situations before.

If you go back in Appalachian culture and you look at where families gathered, they gathered around the dinner table or the supper table, and that is where they shared their conversations of the day and we have tried to maintain that tradition.