The markets that we are in have not been kind. There is over-capacity in UK magazines, mail order and broadcast brochures.

It's come down to where if you got no way to pay the bills, you get tempted to do something illegally.

The atmosphere and running out onto the field made it really exciting. The guys may have been too excited but definitely not intimidated.

I do not believe it was related to the game.

Ask the local doctors around what kind of anxiety level farmers and their wives and their children are under.

The state of Maryland sets the guidelines. They allow community service, they allow advocacy to earn these 60 hours. Every student between the grades of 6 and 12 have to earn 60 hours to graduate high school, and the state sets the guidelines under which those hours can be earned, and advocacy is one of those areas.

There's no question that we are committed to doing better in special-ed. As a system we aim for very high standards, and we are going to continue to do that.