"Brian Crosby" is an Irish people/Irish composer and multi-instrumentalist.

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They're too good not to be picked.

I knew our division was tough and deep. We'll bounce back. We'll be fine.

The careers of our five seniors are over, and that's what makes it tough.

It was a big mistake-I had a lot left. I had to accompany all the pieces a lot better.

I started with the study of Isaiah and the Gospels, trying to figure out the correct order and how it should be.

Lots of the time, the music came to me before the text, so I had to find the text that matched the music.

I felt some intense pain during that time, and I would say that is where the depth of this came. You will feel that during different parts of the performance. Some of it is really deep music, and you can't just write it unless you've experienced certain things or else it's just surface music.

To get something like this performed is pretty rare. It's a great opportunity for someone at my young age.

I felt inspired to do it.