As somebody who grew up next to a third-world country, I have seen what is going to happen to the future of America if we do not get serious about the immigration issue. If you want to have a nation of a few wealthy people and massive amounts of poor, uneducated people, you can go south to that.

The intelligence community isn't eavesdropping on your telephone calls to hear about our personal lives. They're listening for someone's plan to instigate grave and massive devastation to our country.

It's a good deal for the environment because finally somebody will have a financial reason to clean up a sewage problem that's been ignored for too long.

Maybe the easiest way to get the message to them is to tell the media that Brian would sure prefer that they keep the message positive.

I lived through six years of this kind of ad, saying things like seniors were going to freeze to death and school children are going to starve because Bilbray was going to cut off their funding.

There are a lot of people all basically agreeing on these issues ---- the big difference is not just believing in the Republican Party, but what have you done to execute the policies of the Republican Party.

I wasn't there because I was being paid, I was there because I had spent 20 years fighting the issue.

What we don't do is give amnesty and reward people for breaking the law.

There was a real feeling of having to show Democrats how it could be done better. But I think we've lost a lot of that revolutionary fire that made the 'Contract With America' so worth being involved in.