We don't have the big bucks, so we have to focus on grassroots and targeted advertising.

They could have built a new viaduct; instead, they chose to build a monorail, light rail and two stadiums.

I certainly think our opponent's lies and scare tactics have had an effect, but I think I-912 is going to win at the polls. I think people want to send a message to Olympia that they are unhappy about this tax and the way it was passed.

Their priorities are out of whack.

The problem is not money. The problem is priorities and leadership.

The math is tough in the Senate, but they (Republicans) should pick up House seats. I don't see how they can help but pick up.

It's ridiculous if you're looking at onramps as congestion relief.

I think it would have been far more damaging if it would have been someone like Karl Rove (who was indicted) but the current controversies swirling in Washington (D.C.) are not a help to the GOP right now.

We need new pavement that people can drive their cars on. Onramps and new HOV lanes don't reduce congestion for 95 percent of those who drive their own vehicles, and that's the problem.