Brendan Shanahan
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"Brendan Frederick "Shanny" Shanahan" is a Canadians/Canadian professional ice hockey executive and former player. Originally drafted by the New Jersey Devils second overall in the 1987 NHL Entry Draft, Shanahan played with the St. Louis Blues, Hartford Whalers, Detroit Red Wings, New York Rangers, and New Jersey Devils. While playing with the Red Wings, he won three Stanley Cup championships. He is currently the President and alternate governor for the Toronto Maple Leafs, after serving as the director of player safety for the NHL.

With his physical play and goal scoring ability, Shanahan scored 656 goals in his NHL career spanning over 1,500 NHL games and, at the time of his retirement, was the List of NHL statistical leaders#Active leaders (skaters)/leader among active NHL players for goals scored. Shanahan is the only player in NHL history with over 600 goals and 2,000 penalty minutes.

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You still have to win the games.

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I'm getting lots of support and also lots of backlash.

He made some great saves throughout the game. We had a couple of guys all alone on him. ... He kind of had our shooters guessing a little bit. He played a great third period, a great game ... but a great third period.

Experience, and know-how to win hockey games.

I think with the injuries he's had from his career, it's definitely frustrating for him. But he channels that frustration in a good way. He doesn't sulk about injuries. He just works harder.

I just try to stay ahead of my age. It means a lot. I think these are all things you reflect on at the end of the season and at the end of your career.

I definitely missed the game and I was sorry to see it taken away from us.

It's the same thought process. These are things that at the end of the season, or at the end of your career, you can reflect on.

He made some great saves throughout the game, especially in the third period. Sometimes it's tough when you have a goalie you don't know. We had a couple guys all alone on him, and he kind of has a unique style. He had our shooters guessing a little bit.

I'm just trying to stay ahead of my age.