I don't think Carver High School will be closed next year. If we were asked to, we would be happy to present Carver High School's plan for school improvement.

We sort of mirror the state's decline.

We sat there for a few moments and they came back and said, 'Congratulations. We're coming to Winston-Salem.'

I've never had a game like this in my life. All credit goes to my receivers. They just ran great routes, and when I had to scramble, they found ways to get open.

They say that defense wins championships, and we feel like we play good enough zone and man defense to go far in the tournament. Offensively, with the size we have, we always stress getting our inside game working because that will open up the outside for us, too.

The commissioners are responsible for public-school buildings, and they are a part of approving those plans. As long as they are aware that if they approve that, it's going to mean more students, and when we go to ask for more money it's not a surprise.

With them right here, we're happy to be supporting a local business. It's something we can do, and it's also the best deal.

This is a paint-by-numbers legacy for Ralph Klein. He doesn't want big monuments or parks named after him.

I'm not trying to make an excuse. We're concerned with any school - and not just any school, but any student - who is not at grade level.

This program will help students to understand the world of athletics. Our cluster is more tailored for individuals to work in higher education. Even if they don't work in athletics, they'll be equipped with tools to make good decisions as administrators.

It's a needed part! If John and I weren't working here, it wouldn't be happening. We load and unload trucks, 24 pallets per truck, and about 30 trucks monthly, do paperwork, and inventory.

If we had 100 men and women willing to mentor, we could put them all to work at Carver. We could put them to work at every school, but Carver probably has a higher percentage of need.

This is an opportunity for the administration to work with the faculty and staff at the school of education. These types of relationships are rare at a lot of colleges. Combine the missions of PASA and athletics and the result will be beneficial for students.