I'm proud of what I was able to accomplish this year and in my career. Looking back, I would've liked to have won a medal as a freshman and maybe won another state championship or two, but overall, I can't complain. I know I did the best I could.

Getting beat on every day that year helped make me the wrestler I am today.

With the best match of my life, I'm not sure if I could beat Grayson - he's that good. But again, I know I did the best I could in both of those matches.

That's a match I really wanted. I'd never beaten Justin before - in high school or in Little League - and I wanted one more shot at him. I got the takedown in the first period and that was the match. It was definitely a highlight win for me.

I know I was more nervous about Jake's matches in Columbia than I ever was about my own. And, I know it sounds strange, but I was probably happier for Jake than I was for myself.