We just want what's best for the kids. There are no egos.

What really attracts me, it isn't going away.

I'm pretty confident they paid their dues and we'll be in the hunt again.

It was unbelievable. It was extremely intense. The kids knew what needed to be done, and George and I were able to juggle the lineup around. ... The kids stepped up. No one thought we could win in Battle Creek (site of the finals) outside of our team, but the kids knew we could do it.

We knew coming into (the season) we had a chance. The kids really turned it on in January and we didn't have the individualism or the selfishness. We got great leadership from our seniors.

We're at less than 10 percent done with this trans (sic) planning when you consider the buses and the people.

There is a sense of urgency for us, because the way people tend to vote Republican around here, these elections will be over in May, not November.