They are our friends.

The Republic of Macedonia is being built on democratic ideals and values, not on ethnic groups. Those ideals and values include economic opportunities, language and educational opportunities, religious rights, and political processes.

I am ready to accept all accusations, allegations, anger - but I have to succeed.

We are ready now to talk to them and we are ready to resolve any outstanding problems, ... But we have to keep this fabric of the relations and not only to have ad-hoc solutions ... We'd like to have a constant dialogue.

While there continues to be differences, the important point is that all citizens and elected officials use democratic and legal avenues for solving those differences.

Our citizens will lose their confidence or trust in the values and principles of the international community, especially if our personal identity is denied.

We think that Kosovo will continue to serve as a centre of violence and regional instability in future.

A bleeding wound of southern Europe.

We have to develop an isolation strategy, which will be combined political means and military means, ... But first of all we are rather close to the political isolation and we are happy that the international community and all friends and allies have supported us and we're seeing an overall condemnation of these people.