Bobby Orr
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"Robert Gordon "Bobby" Orr", Order of Canada/OC is a Canadians/Canadian former professional ice hockey player. Orr played in the National Hockey League (NHL) for ten season (sport)/seasons with the Boston Bruins, joining the Chicago Blackhawks/Chicago Black Hawks for two more. Orr is widely acknowledged to be one of the greatest hockey players of all time. As a defenceman (ice hockey)/defenceman, Orr used his ice skating speed and scoring and play-making abilities to revolutionize the position. , Orr remains the only defenceman to have won the league scoring title with two Art Ross Trophy/Art Ross Trophies and holds the record for most point (ice hockey)/points and assist (ice hockey)/assists in a single season by a defenceman. Orr won a record eight consecutive Norris Trophy/Norris Trophies as the NHL's best defenceman and three consecutive Hart Trophy/Hart Trophies as the league's Most Valuable Player/most valuable player (MVP). Orr was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1979 at age 31. He was the youngest to be inducted into the Hall at that time. After his hockey career Bobby Orr became a well known scout for many professional teams. He also spends most of his time talking to and mentoring young exuberant skaters.

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The fat lady hasn't sung yet. We'll wait until we get a look at what is in the motion passed on third reading.

The kids wait for it to be organized. They want to go play all of these tournaments, for a little practice time. I learned my skills by dropping the puck just with the kids. I think that's missing today.

If it's true and all, we're thankful.

Staying out of the penalty box will really help.

I wish he had stayed back and played midget, just enjoy.

They have a lot of firepower. We're looking forward to the game.

We have to keep our kids playing; the more they play the better chance we have of finding another Gretzky or Lemieux.

Hockey is a tough game. With all the talk and everything that's going on right now, it frightens me a little bit that we are giving our players an excuse not to hit. I just hope that we don't take that out of our game at the pro level.

It does both. It's nice to have all your goaltenders playing well but eventually we will have to make a decision on the two we're going to keep but it's a good problem to have.