Bob Marlin
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"Bob Marlin" is the current head men's basketball coach at University of Louisiana at Lafayette and the former head coach at Sam Houston State University. In 2003 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament/2003, he guided the Bearkats to their first NCAA Tournament appearance. In 2010 he guided the Bearkats back to the Tournament for only the second time. In 2014 he took Louisiana-Lafayette to the tourney for the first time since 2005.

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It wasn't quite that nice.

We battled right to the end. Until we take care of [free throw shooting] we aren't going to be able to win.

I've done what I can do, but it has been difficult. A lot of guys put in a lot of hard work and get tired of fighting it.

We hit with the first punch in the first half.

It was another one of those games where it wasn't pretty. We missed a bunch of key free throws. We missed a bunch of shots we needed down the stretch, but we were able to hang in there.

They are by far the best team we've played. They had a lot of trouble shooting early in the season, but they shot well at Utah and they obviously continued to do that tonight.

That was a good win for our guys tonight. We beat a good basketball team. [Northwestern State] was picked to finish first in the conference. We really needed this. Every game is going to be a grind in this conference.

The sad thing is we were overlooked by the NIT. We had a better record than 37 of the 40 (NIT) teams, and we're the only team with 22 wins sitting at home.

We had a lot of confidence that we would be able to pull the game out in the last two minutes. We have won games like this all year, but Northwestern State is a team with a lot of experience.