We made our free throws; we were 21-of-23 from the line, so that was encouraging.

Man, that was like pulling teeth out there tonight.

That team played as hard as anyone we've seen so far this season. It was tough, and we never got the crowd into it, never got those scoring bursts.

He was the best player on the court for us. He was sensational.

We're still searching for a little more balance offensively, but we're still evolving. Next weekend's games are huge, huge games.

That lead disappeared in a hurry, didn't it? We got a couple of key possessions, and managed to get the lead back pretty quickly.

In the first half, we jumped out and got up by 10. We were in danger of taking over.

He was really good. He really played well.

It was a good college basketball game. But the basketball gods were smiling on the California kids.