U.S. workers are a more cavalier about opening things. There's a high level of trust that IT is protecting them, or worse, they just don't think that it's their fault when something goes wrong.

You can't just have an antivirus program and be secure anymore.

In the last year, we're seeing increasing URL- and spam-filtering investments. Many of the largest firms also supplement these solutions with intrusion detection/prevention appliances, host-based behavior monitoring products, and so forth.

Workers in larger companies don't worry about being educated, they just assume that IT handles everything. Big company employees just don't see security as their responsibility.

With Client Server and Client Server Messaging Security for SMB v3.0, SMB customers get improved security; less hassle, and less management, all of which let's the small business owners focus on their business.

Maybe it's because North American workers have been drilled to reduce help desk calls, but it's a fact that they're less likely than Germans to call.

IT needs to meet the employees' expectations of support responsibility. That may mean even greater [security] investments than originally planned. Or more employee education. IT may need to get in front of the employees more to tell them that they have some responsibility for their actions, too.