"Robert John "Bob" Gaudio" is an American singer, songwriter, musician, and record producer, and the Keyboard instrument/keyboardist/backing vocalist for The Four Seasons (band)/the Four Seasons.

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We weren't kids, and not too many odds were in our favor, ... We didn't look the part of a rock group by any stretch. We played the Copa, and Walter Winchell said it was a good show but (that) we looked like two bookies, a jockey and a basketball player!

But we weren't a phenomenon like the Beatles or Elvis Presley or the Rolling Stones: We were only as good as our last hit. We lived on our music and couldn't slide on anything -- and this show is that story.

The first thing people look at with Four Seasons records is the vocals. But for me, the drum fills and rhythms are as much a part of it as anything. They're the base on which the harmonies were built.

Even people who loved our music really didn't know anything about us. We were never glamorous. We were never a phenomenon.

We came along at an interesting time, ... Short Shorts.

We liked the Beach Boys. There was kind of that friendly East Coast, West Coast thing between us. We were always fans. 'God Only Knows' is a brilliant record.

What I wrote, (joined) with Frankie's voice, exuded passion.

We get hit with the 'jukebox musical' label, but (book authors Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice) and (director) Des McAnuff accomplished a 50-50 split between music and drama, ... The music is very important, but the history of the group makes it a great piece of theater.

[The struggling quartet did backing vocals for Crewe productions while lead singer Valli (with whom Gaudio remains partners)] knocked on a lot of doors ... Sherry.