It will probably take about $15 million to build a facility. It'll require public-private partnerships, also, because so much of the wood comes from public land.

The cost is high because we'd design it as a world-class facility.

That's something that could be of significant economic value.

I would be reluctant to pay money for two people to find a way to get along.

I'm considered the guy who can take you and take you to the next level.

We have a lot of tough cases that come along, some involving young kids on their own trying to get along. Some people think that they are out on the dole all of their life, but that may only be 25 percent. Some might have lost a job. Think about how well you would be doing if you lost a job.

I think that it is good for us; we appreciate any organization that donates the effort for a food drive. We have some wonderful people in this world, and some of them are right here.

I will judge the amount of money they've charged us by the end result. If it turns out this wasn't a wise choice, this is a two-year contract and we can always re-evaluate.