"Black Rob" is a rapper who was formerly signed to Bad Boy Records.

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[Later,] Star In Da Hood ... Ready.

We are pushing very hard to re-engage the neighborhood in a meaningful way. We have to make sure this event is done well, if it happens at all.

It's a life sport. When you get ready to go - when that gate opens - there's a rush.

I was an athletic person, ... One day I wake up and my legs are swollen. I thought I had a hernia. They told me it was my kidney. I felt tired all the time. It was hard to work.

I must admit I had my doubts. If it had been any other boss but Ping, I probably would have bailed. But she communicated such a sense of resolve that I just couldn't help believing in her. Thank goodness I decided to stay.

When I first started here in '99 that scanner would have cost $200,000. Today it costs $50,000, and it's 10 times more powerful and easier to use.

There have been a lot of questions about this event, and the hope is that at this stage they'll have some answers.

I think that's 2.5 times as much insurance as at any event before in San Francisco.