Black Elk
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"He?áka Sápa" (December 1863 – August 19, 1950) was a famous wi?háša wak?á? (medicine man and holy man) of the Oglala Lakota people/Lakota (Sioux). He was Heyoka and a second cousin of Crazy Horse.

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The world always works in circles and everything tries to be round.

'Behold!' she said, ... 'With this you shall multiply and be a good nation' ... she sang again ... and as the people watched her going suddenly it was a white bison galloping away and snorting, and soon it was gone.

Then she gave something to the chief, and it was a pipe with a bison calf carved on one side to mean the earth that bears and feeds us, and with twelve eagle feathers hanging from the stem to mean the sky and the twelve moons, and these were tied with a grass that never breaks.

I had a vision with which I might have saved my people, but I had not the strength to do it.