Bill Newton
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"William Ellis (Bill) Newton", Victoria Cross/VC (8 June 1919 – 29 March 1943) was an List of Australian Victoria Cross recipients/Australian recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest decoration for gallantry in the face of the enemy that can be awarded to a member of the United Kingdom/British and Commonwealth of Nations/Commonwealth armed forces. He was honoured for his actions as a bomber pilot in Papua New Guinea during March 1943 when, despite intense anti-aircraft fire, he pressed home a series of attacks on the Salamaua/Salamaua Isthmus, the last of which saw him forced to Water landing/ditch his aircraft in the sea. Newton was still officially posted as missing when the award was made in October 1943. It later emerged that he had been taken captive by the Empire of Japan/Japanese, and executed by beheading on 29 March.

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It (the tax windfall) is their money anyway.

Business recovery is certainly the primary concern. There's so much available out there, I think it's really important to make in known to the community.

It's discount insurance … and it's crazy. We don't think other people in the state should be subsidizing insurance for people in million-dollar homes.

The biggest thing missing is anything about how do we plan our growth and development to avoid catastrophes in the future?

This was one of the most shameful and arrogant acts ever committed against consumers.

It's an election year. Gosh, I think legislators would just look great if they did this.

I just wanted to plug into the community.

It's pretty amazing to see a red-blooded American business saying they need tax dollars. What happened to the free market?

This is one of the most shameful and arrogant acts ever committed against Florida citizens. Clearly, there's less competition, and rates are higher.