That song, for me, is about drugs and alcohol and loss and love. It's about being proud of who you are, being proud of your situation and just being stoked that things are always going to get better or always gonna get worse and that's such a great thing. Every day is a new surprise.

I think the fact that we write honest music is part of our appeal.

It's incredible, man, there's only like two real drums used in the whole song. It's all trash cans and pots and pans and metal crates and stuff.

They just started banging on trash cans and decided to put it together as a thing. It's a really, really original, creative, emotional drum corp.

Put your arm around the buddy next to you.

It's way beautiful. Mountains, eight rivers within five minutes of my house, six ski resorts, a lake, everything you might want to do with outdoor water sports and a desert to shoot guns and ride bikes. There's not a lot of support for rock'n'roll but it's getting better.

We're gonna start the biggest moshpit the Hordern Pavilion has ever seen, the biggest moshpit Sydney's ever seen.

We're not better than them. We're just lucky enough to be gifted and be able to make music that represents how we feel.

It's so different. It's really a lot of improv, so every time I get up there I'm singing something different, whatever comes to mind. It's pretty cool.