There was a strong gust of wind that suddenly blew into me and I lost my line. The snow was blowing so hard. It's disappointing, because apart from that, everything was going well. I was on my way to the victory.

It was a tough mistake. But luckily it was on one of steepest part of course, so I didn't lose momentum and I could regain speed immediately. There was no time to think. ... I was also lucky to have a big enough advantage in the first leg.

I'm lucky I don't have to make that decision.

Aksel is very strong but the season is very long. We will see.

I reached a major goal of mine today. It's a dream come true. It's a classic and a victory means a lot on such a difficult course.

It feels good taking the overall lead. But it's not today -- I need to be at top but at the end of season.

This is great. I've scored 360 points in one week. I didn't do so well in the downhill today so I must still decide if I will race in the big downhill tomorrow.

It's nice to be leading the World Cup and you're always happy to be among those fighting for it. It's a big goal but the finals are still two months away.