It's just overwhelming as far as I'm concerned.

Under Texas statute, nothing is going to happen to impair the operation of public schools while the appeal is pending. We're confident the Supreme Court won't allow any injunction to go into effect while they're still finalizing their opinion.

It's a massive growth market.

That's what I'm afraid will happen Saturday.

It was kind of a natural progression to get into the stallion business.

There are amazing similarities between Forest Danger and his sire, Forestry . Both horses were extremely fast and both were campaigned by Aaron and Marie Jones. Both are great-looking horses that sold for a lot of money. Forest Danger set a new track record while Forestry set a new stakes record and both were grade 1 winners.

Of course, with youth we need parks.

You can see how much he appreciates it. Having him as a head coach is long overdue. ... He's a great coach and a great guy and we love playing for him.

They're as dangerous as ever because of the man in the middle, Brett Favre. You can never count him out. Even though they only put up three points, believe me, they can put up 50 on you if you're not careful. He's the one that makes it all work.