Ben Austin
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"Benjamin James Austin", Order of Australia/OAM is an Australian Elite Athlete with a Disability (EAD) swimmer. His classification is S8 (classification)/S8 (above elbow amputee).

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I assume she is not sincere because if you're smart enough to be on the Supreme Court, you should be smarter than the president.

He gave it serious consideration; he had a number of conversations with his family. He is not going to run for governor next year.

[While the U.S. media] was praising freedom on the march after the Iraqi elections, he told the real story: The seeds of Islamic fundamentalism is all over Iraqi walls, ... He said that six months before anybody else in the media.

It's really historic; it's amazing. What else in California do the L.A. Chamber of Commerce and the SEIU agree on?

Sycophantic behavior exists anywhere you go.