Barry Sanders
FameRank: 9

"Barry Sanders" is a former American football running back who spent his entire professional career with the Detroit Lions of the National Football League. A member of both the College Football Hall of Fame/college and Pro Football Hall of Fame/professional football halls of fame, he was ranked by NFL Top 10 as the most elusive runner in NFL history, and also topped their list of greatest players never to reach the Super Bowl. Averaging over 1,500 rushing yards per season, Sanders left the game just 1,457 yards short of being first place on the list for the NFL List of National Football League rushing yards leaders/all-time rushing record at that time.

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I quit because I didn't feel like the Detroit Lions had a chance to win. It just killed my enjoyment of the game.

We again will be able to host great games without any cost to local taxpayers. We also promise a bid that will be distinctive in its approach compared to previous games.

I wish my teammates, coaches and the entire Lions organization all the best.

We never considered a brand new stadium.

My desire to exit the game is greater than my desire to remain in it. I have searched my heart through and through and feel comfortable with this decision.

I had the fortune to be drafted to a wonderful city. I fit in there perfectly... because... when you're drafted, you never know where you're going to end up-but there was no better place for me than Detroit.

Shortly after the end of last season, I felt that I probably would not return for the 1999-2000 season. I also felt that I should take as much time as possible to sort through my feelings and make sure that my feelings were backed with conviction.

Christianity affects your whole life. I feel I'm more competitive, a better player, but off the field is where there is always a battle.

Let's just win it and go home.