I wouldn't be surprised if attendance is down a little bit.

Unless she's caught something, she hasn't eaten since Saturday afternoon.

The main thing is don't try to catch the cat.

It's a fabulous idea because right now the House is not on an equal playing field with the Senate, as almost all the senators are former House members. There is a lack of experience in the House.

We're not trying to get companies out of their responsibility. It's the way of fairness - you pay what you're responsible for.

We are pleased with the turnout. We have some legislators, but we'd like to have some more.

This is the business community's biggest issue.

He has a keen understanding that a healthy business climate translates into more jobs, better salaries and improved benefits for our citizens.

This critical legislation is about returning fairness to the legal system by holding those responsible for only their fair share of the damages, instead of allowing for lawsuits targeting deep-pocket defendants.