Hiring consultants to do these studies seems to have nothing to do with the original purpose of the panel. We're concerned about the direction the panel is taking.

You'd think that after Katrina they'd be willing to leave, but you never know.

Just to know what the kids were talking about in school was more meaningful than anything I could write in a parent newsletter.

We don't feel this [review-panel process] is going to benefit our community or quality of life in any way. We're not very optimistic.

We cannot cheat on DNA. We cannot get round photosynthesis. We cannot say I am not going to give a damn about phytoplankton. All these tiny mechanisms provide the preconditions of our planetary life.

Jews were the first to believe that history itself has meaning and that progress, not repetition, is the law of life.

This submission also perpetuates the myth that women should submit and be subservient to their husbands.

Even on the computer, we always get information popping up to do this, do that and people do it!

Put aside the politics please, just for one minute. Forget about those jobs promised and think of your most important role of all, that of being a parent.