"Audrey Moore" is a politician from Fairfax County, Virginia, who has previously served one term as Chairwoman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. She won the position after defeating Republican Jack Herrity for reelection in 1987. She had served before that as a member of the board from the Annandale, Virginia/Annandale district.

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What was brick was beautiful, as far as Jack was concerned, and the more we had, the better he liked it.

He can take a lot of credit for bringing in a lot of good businesses.

He never gave up. He wanted to get back and run the board.

Jack was very proud of his family.

He got a little mad at me and didn't speak to me for a while.

He had to get known on other issues because he was ambitious and he wanted to run for congress.

Jack really matured over the years. He got to be a much bigger person, much more willing to see people as they are.

He was a colorful guy and very sincere guy. I'm saddened because he's gone.