Is the title over or not? I don't believe so. If everyone is right about the championship, then let's stop, give them the trophy and then start again.

He made the impossible possible.

I am very confident. I have a great belief in the team and will go for the win.

Don't forget, he started out as a centre-forward when he was young and sometimes he reminds people of that.

That is a little bit the danger with Thierry - he scores every year 25 goals and then is not there.

I feel the team is back focused, with belief, disciplined and sharp.

I did not agree with the direction in which the club was going in terms of management. That tells you I am passionate. I'm not in football to sit behind my desk.

! enjoy it when we play good football, but that means running quickly, jumping high and, of course, putting your foot in. I do not like players who do not get involved in the fight, I concede that, but I never tell anybody to kick an opponent. Never.

I spent long years alongside him so obviously I learned a lot from him but also from different people, different clubs, different countries and different continents. I've got bits and pieces of everyone.