"Anthony West" is the name of:

* Anthony West (author) (1914–1987), British author and literary critic

* Anthony West (motorcycle racer) (born 1981), Australian Grand Prix motorcycle road racer

* Anthony C. West (1910–1988), Irish writer

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I was really looking forward to racing, I had a lot of people coming down and then at the last minute I'm not racing.

In Qatar, we put good tyres on at the end of qualifying to do a fast lap ? I got one good lap in and it put me up to 13th.

We're much better than we were last year. We have a lot of returnees. This summer the whole team dedicated itself. We want to go to Qualcomm Stadium (for the Division III championship). We have a lot of depth.

Defense sets the tempo. Some thought we were slow on defense, but we have good speed.

We knew what we could do, so we came out and had some fun.

They were a bit worried about it breaking again because Phillip Island is a fast track and it's quite dangerous to break there.

You can feel the engine get really slow really quickly and if you don't pull the clutch in quickly enough it locks the back wheel up and throws you off.

I didn't really try to dissuade them because I was quite sick of the bike breaking. It's been pretty slow and I didn't know whether the thing would last either and I wasn't real confident with it.

KTM said they didn't have the parts to replace those that keep breaking with the engine, and they don't have the time because all these races are so close together.