Anthony Phillips
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"Anthony Edwin "Ant" Phillips" is an English multi instrumentalist, first known as a founding member of the band Genesis (band)/Genesis. He played guitar and sang backing vocals until leaving in 1970, following the recording of their second album, Trespass (album)/Trespass. He left due to suffering from stage fright, after being told by his doctor that the best thing would be to leave the band. He is known for his twelve string guitar work, and his influence can be heard throughout Genesis's early output.

Genesis's first album after Phillips's departure, Nursery Cryme, featured two songs which were holdovers from the days when Phillips was in the band: "The Musical Box (Genesis song)/The Musical Box" (originally called F#) and "The Fountain of Salmacis".

After leaving Genesis, Phillips studied classical music (especially classical guitar) and made recordings in collaboration with Harry Williamson, Mike Rutherford and Phil Collins, among others. He played the keyboards on the demos for Peter Gabriel in 1976. His first solo album, The Geese and the Ghost, was issued in 1977.

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