(Luca) wasn't that sharp, especially after he got the wind knocked out of him. We were able to get into their bullpen, which is really important in the third (game of the series).

It was great to come in here and get Game 1. I was a little bit moved because I'm so close to those guys in that locker room, the organization and the people that work in the front office. I still keep in touch with them, but tonight I was trying to make a play. The refs called a foul and I was able to make some big free throws.

He wanted to go out and show the NBA people and everybody that [the Nets] couldn't stop him without hanging all over him. He was basically unstoppable.

I've had pretty good success against J. The times that I have been able to get him off-balance, I've been able to get by him. J is still a great defender. But if my number is called, I have no trouble stepping up to the challenge.

A lot of people always knock me not being able to pull my team together and lead my team to big wins. I kind of take offense to that. Cream always rises to the top.

J.O. had a great game going, They decided to double him, that allowed me to go free.

Sometimes it's best to sit still, ... Seeking a trade wasn't something I pursued and I don't care to pursue. I'm here and this has been home the last two years.

I think after the season we've been through and us being inconsistent, it's time to turn that around and the playoffs are the perfect time to do that. We haven't played well on the road. Game 1 we played well enough to win. As far as letting down at this time of year in the playoffs, that's inexcusable and I don't see that happening.

I wouldn't sit here and say I'm a betting man and I would bet that I'd get around 'J' every time. But I had him off-balance a little bit and it worked out well.