Andy Stern
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"Andrew L. "Andy" Stern", is the former president of the 2.2 million-member Service Employees International Union (SEIU).

U.S. Department of Labor

Stern is currently a Senior Fellow at Columbia University. Stern supports federal legislation that helps revitalize the labor movement through universal health care, expanding union ranks via the Employee Free Choice Act, stronger regulations on business, profit sharing for employees, higher taxes, and efforts consistent with the improvement of the lives of workers.

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Our unions do a large amount of organizing in parts of the economy that historically and recently are places where people of color and immigrant workers have found jobs. Some of them are entry-level jobs. Throughout history immigrants have found work as janitors, and our unions have helped them raise families, send their kids to college, and that's been the American dream.

Let's be clear -- state employees and other voters in New Hampshire take a huge risk by supporting him. Wesley Clark has a life-long pattern of support for national Republicans whose policies have been disastrous for public employees, and that is a track record that raises huge doubts about what he would do if he ever became President.

We're a healthcare union. He's a doctor. He's delivered healthcare at the bedside, delivered it as governor of the state, and our people feel he's the right person for our union.

The world has changed. We can help shape the global economy, but ... the strength of unions is [not] going to reverse globalization.

It is unfair to send [SEIU] members into the voting booth on primary day without giving them the information they need to make an informed decision, ... That is why I want you and your members to understand some serious concerns I have about Wesley Clark's candidacy.

He comes with an enormous amount of good will. I mean, people have really seen him stand up in strikes and organizing drives and things that most vice presidents of the United States have never done, and that is enormously appreciated and gives him a lot of credit.

When we strengthen our cooperation and help workers in the same industry unite, everybody wins.

Not every decision you make is going to be 100 percent perfect, ... Overall, Christi [Hogin] has done good work for this city.

In fact, he only registered as a Democrat four months ago, just weeks before entering the race.