If the Democratic Organization has accepted donations from Jack Morris, how can the freeholders award tax-dollar subsidies for this project? To avoid this impropriety, they should let the voter decide on the use of revenue by a referendum.

In the 2006 campaign we're going to have a continued commitment to reform pay to play at the county level.

My running mates and I may have potentially saved the county taxpayers millions in unnecessary subsidies earmarked for these developers already, because these freeholders now know that voting taxpayers are watching their every move on this stadium.

The format was not that critical, because we realize the freeholders were not bound by mandate to act on a petition of this nature anyway. We simply wanted to drive home the idea that the voting taxpayers of Middlesex County want a choice of how their money is spent when it comes to an extravagance like a baseball stadium.

It's typical of their arrogance.