"Andrew Price" is the name of:

*Andrew Price (politician) (1854–1909), U.S. Representative from Louisiana

*Andrew Price (rugby league) (born 1982), Australian sportsman

*Andy Price, British composer

*Andy Price (comics), American comics artist

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They were a bit nervous as it was the first time in a number of years they were playing at home at this level and they were weighed down by the expectations.

I don't think anything less than a win would be appropriate for the team today (yesterday)... we are happy for the three points plus we are happy that the fans could again watch their team play at home.

Deep into the second half I thought that this was going to be one of those games that depicted Boys' Town's story, playing well, having a lot of ball possession, dominating games but not converting.

It was mission accomplished today. We wanted to go out there not to concede any goals while taking our opportunities, and I'm happy with this victory.

It is a mystery to me that we did not convert any of our penalties, but Constant Spring did enough to win. Hopefully we'll get it right on Sunday.

The teams that are behind. we want them to finish behind us.

All in all, I like the energy that we gave in the second half. Our squad is depleted with injuries but we had to soldier on and asked players who are on the fringe to step up and play and they didn't do too bad.

We showed a lot of character here today. People are stepping up when they are called upon and that is the type of effort that we are going to need to stay in this league.

There were a lot of expenses that we incurred from playing matches outside of Collie Smith Drive. These included the rental of other grounds, providing security and transportation. So we were in a critical situation.