Andrew Mitchell
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"Andrew John Bower Mitchell" is a British Conservative Party (UK)/Conservative Party politician who has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for Sutton Coldfield (UK Parliament constituency)/Sutton Coldfield since UK general election, 2001/2001. He was the MP for Gedling (UK Parliament constituency)/Gedling from UK general election, 1987/1987 to UK general election, 1997/1997. He served in the UK Cabinet/Cabinet as Secretary of State for International Development from 2010 to 2012, and then briefly as Government Chief Whip#United Kingdom/Chief Whip in the House of Commons of the United Kingdom/House of Commons until he resigned after losing the confidence of many of his colleagues following an alleged altercation with a police officer.

Mitchell was elected List of Cambridge Union Society presidents/President of the Cambridge Union in 1978. A former United Nations military peacekeeper, he has extensive pre-government experience of the developing world, and is the founder of Project Umubano, a Conservative Party social action project in Rwanda and Sierra Leone in central and west Africa, launched in 2007.

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Shareholders will not be happy with anything close to the current offer.

I guess looking from the outside you could probably put think [it's all turmoil]. I mean we lost 14 players and it all seemed a bit doom and gloom but at the same time it's presented a pretty unique opportunity for a lot of our rising talent in Queensland.

And if and when he launches, David will fight a strong campaign... and I'm confident that when he has put his case he will be successful.

The irony is that these (executives) want to be a lot more successful with their approach to a horse than they want to be with their approach to a human being.

I made an error and kept compounding things with another to the point my confidence was a bit shot by full-time.

David Davis has the experience, the toughness required to lead the party back into government.

We continue to re-evaluate the security situation.

She transformed the face of Britain, ended our decline and set the parameters for 25 years of economic success.

The cost to the industry to meet these wildly excessive regulations is likely to exceed $100 million.

This will be our biggest marketing expense of the year.

The win-loss record doesn't show it, but we're a far tighter team than last season. We're not going to throw our hands up and give up. We can beat the Cats.

We are trying to get people to relate the pressure they put on animals with the pressure they put on people in the workplace.

I don't think it's my Test spot and I expect he (Latham) will come back into it.

It's a good thing that the next coach is selected but I know I'm just focused on this season with Jeff and building on the good mood that's around the team.

No one knows that, including David, apart from two people in his campaign team.

We're in the sweet 16. We've gone a lot further than we thought we would.

The high price of petrol continues to play on consumers' minds. Shareholders have cause to be less joyous about the value of their savings. This strengthens the Reserve Bank's case to stay on the interest-rate sidelines.

We feel like our crowd is unlike any others. They have the closeness of family. Everybody knows everybody. They have spirit and a passion for basketball.