Now it's more for our team, and we feel like we're up there with the best of them. Now I feel bad for next year's team because they have even higher expectations to meet.

Since we won the state, nobody was even thinking about Federation. States was our main goal, and when we lost (the Federation final) we were disappointed.

Everyone is treating you a little differently. It seems like everybody knows you.

It was just instinct. We were down and I couldn't let us lose it.

Last year, that was me in that role. But I tell him: Every little thing you do, Coach sees it.

I wanted to win it for a lot of other people on the team. They are newcomers and I wanted to do it for all of us.

The season's not over. We still have two games left to win.

It's a blessing. All we can do now is win the Federation like they did in 1996; 1996 and 2006, that's what we're looking for.

I think Derek knows he has a lot to live up to with Curtis. I don't think he has to prove anything. If there was anything to prove, he's already done it.